You have been working hard on your picture story book for your young buddy. Before we started we talked a lot about what makes a good picture story book.  We even received advice from real authors. Now is the time to review how you went. Consider your answers honestly.
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Your name

Title of your Picture Book

How would you rate your effort?

Five stars = I worked as hard as I could
One star = I did not put in much effort

How well did you edit my own work ?

Five ticks = I read, I re-read and edited
One tick = I did not proofread well at all

How well did you accept feedback advice from friends / teachers?

How much did you refer to the advice from authors?

Five Stars = I read and paid attention
One Star = I did not read or consider

How much did you raise the bar with use of literacy tools - similes, personification, adjectives etc

5 stars = I used many of these
1 star = I used none

How well did you consider your audience?

Five thumbs = I was thinking about them all the time
One thumb = I did not think about them

Were you careful to use images that were copyright free?

What images did you use?

Are you proud and happy with the result

Have you practised reading it out loud before you read it to your buddy?

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